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June 6th, 2009

Celebrating Life Events

To honor life events;  the special times and milestones that remind us of all we have accomplished.  In the hustle bustle of our lives we sometimes forget to mark the special occasions that are so important to us.  A time to reflect on the personal contributions that signify who we are and how our personal journey is being celebrated...!

I have been planning events my entire life; from birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, retirement celebrations, baptisms, graduations, proms, pre-parties and philanthropic fund raisers.  The biggest and most important event planned to date was the wedding held on June 6th 2009.  A wedding to celebrate the marriage of our first daughter.  It was an event to filled with the special personal touches that engulfed the love expressed in so many ways on that day. 

This event was recognized in two different publications,               LA Style Unveiled and Ceremony 2010.

Any event that signifies a milestone should be celebrated with thought and special attention to details that remind you why the celebration is to be commemorated!   It is the attention to detail that heightens the emotional charge that one is left with while attending such an event and memories that linger long after.  That something extra special which isn't easily identified.  

If you are looking to achieve this type of celebration....I am certain I can be of assistance.

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